What is My Cosplace?

What is My Cosplace?

My Cosplace is a new social platform built for cosplayers. Our goal is to build a safe space for cosplayers to share their cosplays and experiences.

Why use My Cosplace?

No biased algorithms

Content feeds are presented in chronological order rather than using biased algorithms. All cosplayers deserve to be seen if they so desire.

Cosplay Content

We have created dedicated content types meant for showing off your cosplay from idea to retirement, and all steps in between. We will continue to create more of these types as they are requested.


Guilds are micro-communities within My Cosplace for sects of cosplayers to congregate based on a central focus. Think of these like Facebook Groups or Subreddits.

Community-Driven Features

My Cosplace was built by cosplayers, but we want everyone to have input. While building the platform we invited cosplayers to join our Alpha and Beta programs. We shared each feature as we planned to build it in order to get feedback first. The community provided plenty of feedback and ideas of their own that we have taken into consideration while building.

We plan to continue this strategy. We are creating ways for all users of My Cosplace to share ideas and vote on features. More to come as this becomes available.

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