Content feeds

Content feeds

How to change your feed

While viewing your feed on the Home view of My Cosplace, tap the “Home” at the top of the screen. A popup will show providing a list of feed options. Tap any feed to see the content described.

What is the difference between each feed?

A brief description is provided in the app under each feed’s name. Below is a more detailed explanation.


This is the default feed. It shows all content from cosplayers that you follow as well as any posts from Guilds that you have joined.

Guilds are still a work in progress. Once they are released these feeds will have more meaning.


This feed will show only content from cosplayers you follow. It is like the Home feed, but removes all Guild content.

All content

This is a full chronological view of all content being published on My Cosplace. It’s a nice way to see what else is out there, and maybe find someone new to follow.

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